☞ MITTNETWORKMUSIC is an independent music project launched in 2015.
Focused on innovative, original sounds, or just for fun.
It's a hand-made music by one man, not a label or a company.

Styles? Ambient, electronica, techno, house, downtempo, jungle, glitch, jazz, experimental, just to name a few.
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Streaming (Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, etc), search: swhq, optmay, mjttnetworkmusic, yoijerg, Iksnx
210+ Albums on Bandcamp: mittnetworkmusic.bandcamp.com
Full discography as 64kbps mp3 for free downloading: archive.org
Thoughts on music and life: hyperfocus.logicandsound.com
Clothes, cassettes, other merch: store.logicandsound.com

Any support is appreciated:
Bitcoin: bc1qevzu8emesjvsukakj303e20zszql589xqs8er6
Ethereum: 0xcB5e7C35FE29D0067955F6DFe967D16851eF5376
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