Discography Guide:

AMBIENT (Very Slow, Without Drums, Deep and Abstract, Drones, Textures) -
optmay, Transquilities, Ascension, inter birds, iv, +, organwritings, Accelerate, MSi, NSWE Central,
Anniversary, savecalm, Phrygian, The Trees Are Swaying in the wind, 21May

HOUSE/DISCO/TECHNO/JUNGLE/TRANCE/JUKE (fast, dance, solid rhythm) -
swhq, djmjbestof, onehoururban, a.a.z.s..j, 1300p, wwsxs, The Hidden Knowledge, Machine Circles,
Threshold & Value, MQ, Another Night, Vornhaus in D, Helber Tranzform, leslie 8 acid, Celestial M, DCG120, CMIII, pate' nigtht, MORD

DOWNTEMPO (Chillout, Lounge, Beats, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Vaporwave, Contemporary Jazz, Other Downtempo) -
dub, Iksnx, effekt, DCG90, itskindasmoke, compressorrhythmes, groovemastermjplugin, yoijerg, 17 DoTe Electric Background,
Martin, My ID, Z.Andriyanov (Jazz), Montesq Dio  Scori/q NARRATIVES

EXPERIMENTAL (Industrial, Glitch, Noise, Strange Music) -
PYITF, B-12 Analog, sx2-sx512 series, todhw7, sci-lounge, v.golove, 17 DoTe, oberheim2k, DAS, Nt, Martin